CONGRATS! SEADNA (Parish Newsletter)

We were delighted to hear that Séadna Morey, one of our own, has been chosen as the Bord Gais U21 Break-through Hurler of the Year 2012. We want to congratulate him and to let him know how proud of him we are. My immediate reac-tion to the news was – no better man to receive this award; it will definitely not go to his head.

Séadna is a quiet, humble young man with serious qualities and values. A few years ago, with Kevin Lynch, he gave a talk to the Confirmation Class on the values and disciplines needed in sport and in life.

What they said stayed in the memory with many.

Séadna is regarded, within and outside the Parish as an out-standing hurler. He came to the notice of many, nationally, a few years ago when he gave a man-of-the-match display in the Minor All Ireland final in Corke Park. This year he per-formed brilliantly for club and county and in a very special way in the great win over Kilkenny in the Under 21 final.

Séadna prepares well, performs well and does it all quietly.

His family can be very proud of him and we in the parish are too, as indeed we are of all our young people.