Garda Community Safety Week kicks off at the Ploughing Championship.

The Garda Commissioner has designated that the 8th Garda ‘Supporting Safer Communities’ Campaign will take place from Tuesday the 20th to Tuesday the 27th September 2011.

This campaign was launched by the Commissioner on the morning of Tuesday, the 20th September 2011 at The National Ploughing Championships, being held at Cardenton, Athy, Co. Kildare.

This ‘Supporting Safer Communities’ campaign will primarily focus on Burglary Prevention and Road Safety.

A particular emphasis will be placed on burglary prevention and reduction and targeted response to burglary regarding locations, times, offenders and victims.

October and November are the peak months for burglaries and most of those burglaries take place Thursday to Sunday, between 6pm and 10pm so its important that if you leave your home that you ensure your house and belongings are secure.

Crime prevention pack is available by emailing

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How Secure is your home… Complete the simple home security survey on the Garda web site and follow the advice on Lighting, Alarms, Windows and Doors etc…. Click Here.