Kilmurry Community Planning Group is up and running….

Kilmurry Community Planning Public Meeting Friday, 11th October, 2019 Kilmurry Hall – 7pm

Kilmurry has been selected as one of 20 communities in Clare to participate in an area-based Community Development planning process, sponsored by Clare LEADER programme and managed by Clare Local Development Company (CLDC).

Kilmurry will be supported, over the next few months, in preparing a three year development plan which will be focused on the needs of the whole community from an economic, social, environmental and cultural perspective.

A facilitator, provided by CLDC, will work with a planning group from Kilmurry to assist and support the preparation of this plan.

An information meeting on the process took place in Kilmurry Hall on Friday 11th October. This meeting set in motion the planning process in Kilmurry. A planning group was formed on the night to lead the process in this community.

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