Kilmurry Village Rejuvenation project

03Plans are afoot to give the Kilmurry area a significant face lift. There is a great community spirit in Kilmurry and we will be seeking volunteers to help out in the project, so get your gloves, picks, shovels and spades dusted off. This will give all of us an opportunity to put something back into our community, get to know our neighbours better and really make a difference to how Kilmurry is perceived by tourists, passers by, and ourselves of course. Designs are being worked at the moment and will be made available for public viewing. Materials will be funded from the proceeds of the Kilmurry Harvest Festival. Proposed program of works. Phase 1 Erect Ornate Stone Signs at Entrances to the Village Clean down and Sand Blast existing block walls at Kilmurry Cross Renovate Water Pump area replacement of gate and Railing, sand blasting and repainting of the walls and the pump.

Removal of unsightly mounds of earth and replace with easily mowed grass margins. Construction and planting of Flower boxes and shrubbery in a number of areas General clean up, grass cutting, removal of weeds and unsightly brambles.



Phase 2

(pending funding) Foot path from Church car park area to Rossroe road. For Information Contact Ger Mcerlain.