Update – Next Area Gathering at Begley’s Field, Fortwilliam on 21st June at 8.00pm

In spite of the weather on Thursday a big crowd gathered in Begley’s Field for our 2nd Area Gathering this year. The rain stayed away until the end of Mass. However even then as the rain came down people stayed having the cup of tea and sandwich and bun and above all having the chat. It was a massive community experience. This was

such a great occasion with so many interesting instruments and to-ries from the past that we will include a bigger piece in next weeks newsletter.

The 2nd Area Gathering of 2012 will take place at 8.00pm 21st June in Begley’s Field.

Fr. Harry Bohan at the First Area Gathering of 2012 at SMB Mart.

These gatherings have become a very significant part of Community Building in our Parish over the last number of years. The homes in Fortwillaim, Castlecrine, Ieverstown, Mt. Ievers, will be visited and get a special invitation. However, this like all other gatherings is for the whole community. As in all the others the history of the area has been written up and represented by gifts which will be brought up at the Mass – Spinning Wheel, Threshing Mill – People like Paddy Begley will be remembered. So we will connect into the past – ways of life of the past – with the present – with our neighbours – our music – our stories.
Above all we’ll be remembering the meaning of John’s night through the lighting of the fire. The significance of these Gatherings has deepened. In many ways they replace the old Station Gatherings. One again we’ll make every effort to make this a very special occasion in local area and in our community as a whole.