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Cupla Focal On bPrlomhoide

Is ocáid mhór í do Chill Mhuire an Cómóradh Céad Bliain atá a céiliáradh againn I mbliana. Is iomaI cor a chuir an saol de I rith an chéid ó 1891 i leith.
BhI has Parnell mar ábhar cainte acu i gCill Mhuire an bhliain sin; spreag Eirf
Amach na Cásca 1916 an náisiimn go léir ach, le tamall anuas, ta ár n-aigne
dfrithe i dtreo scoil Chill Mhuire a togadh sa bhliain 1891. Táimid ag
smaoineamh ar na müinteoirf agus na páistf a chaith tamall sa scoil seo. Dar
ndóigh, bhf scoil i gCill Mhuire ar feadh a bhfad roimhe sin. Is maith an rud
diuinn go léir süil a chaitheamh siar ar na laethanta sin. Is é mo thuairim gur
cheart “an stair áitidil” a chur os comhair na bpáistI chomh maith le Stair na
hElreann agus an domhain. Déanfaidh an leabhar seo cuid mhaith den stair sin a
thabhairt chun cuimhne.

On behalf of the teachers and pupils, I am glad to have this opportunity to
thank the Centenary Committee and all those who helped us in any way over the
past year. I would also like to thank the Boards of Management of former years
and Frs. Tom Fitzpatrick and Albert McDonnell who were always so enthusiastic
and helpful when suggestions regarding improvements were made to them. Many
necessary things were accomplished over the past seven or eight years. It would
not have been possible to achieve success without the backing of the parents
and the local community. Hopefully the present and future pupils of the school
will appreciate the effort that was put in on their behalf. It is only right
that we should recall, at this time, the teachers and pupils who were not so fortunate and who laboured under very difficult circumstances. It is they who would appreciate the changes best of all!

As well as making sure that each child has the basic skills of reading, writing
and maths, it is also important that they be given the opportunity to develop
their potential in music, art and physical education. But learning is a two-way
process and children have to be encouraged to make the best use of the
opportunities provided. So it is vital that there be positive co-operation
between parents and teachers.

In this Centenary year we are doing two very important things. Firstly, we are
looking back at our history and finding out how our forefathers lived.
Secondly, we are gearing ourselves for the next century and preparing for the
challenges that will face us. Let us hope that, as has been the case up to now,
the pupils of Kilmurry N.S. will leave the education system with a respect for
themselves and their neighbours and a love for their country, language and

Facing into 1992, it is my belief that we will automatically be good Europeans
if we are proud of our own Irishness first.

Cuirfidh an leabhar seo alan daoine siar ar “bhóithrIn na smaointe”.

Beidh áthas ar mhuintir Chill Mhuire i London, New York agus ar fud an domhain.
Cuirim mo bheannacht chugaibh go léir agus tá sitl agam go mbainfidh sibh
taitneamh as!

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