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ISPs Available in Kilmurry.

Updated 20-03-12


Provider Web Type Phone Email
1 Eircom * DSL n/a   n/a
2 BBNet ** Wireless 1890 945918
3 Vodafone *** Mobile   n/a   n/a
4 O2 *** Mobile   n/a   n/a
5 Meteor *** Mobile   n/a   n/a
6 3 *** Mobile n/a n/a
7 Irish Broadband Wireless 1890 564456 info


* Eircom DSL is now available in (061) 369 and 367 areas or lines connected to the Sixmilebridge or Kilkishen Exchanges.
Pakages of upto 8mb are available but real world figures would be more in the line of 3-4mb.
 Contact Eircom for details on progress of this upgrade.
Eircom DSL is also resold from Vodafone, BT, UTV Talk etc with Call and Broadband packages available from most. The best advice is to shop around for the bundle that suits your requirements. Or check out this ComReg site for unbiased comparisions.

** BBNet Wirelesss is available in Kilmurry with speeds upto 10mb.
BBnet are currently upgrading the wireless broadband in the South Clare region to achive faster speeds and avail of Phone Services over the broadband link.
Please contact BBNet at 1890 945918 for updates or check

***Good Mobile
Broadband speeds depend on 3G coverage in your area. You can check signal
strength by checking signal bar on any 3G enabled phone from the same
provider. Also some providers and resellers offer a return policy so you
can buy and return if signal isnt good enough.

For best coverage with mobile broadband use a 3G wifi router (also called a 3G Access Point).
This allows you to position your 3g modem where the best 3g signal is available and access it using PC or laptops wifi. This also means you can share your 3G
internet connection with serveral devices (laptops, PCs, Games Consoles, Wifi
Smart Phones etc.)

Please contact provider for details on coverage, costs and returns policies.
Note – Always confirm with the provider on weather any service is available in your area and remember that most services have a download limit.


To test your broadband speed Click Here.
Click on the Begin Test Button to start the test.
Perform the tests regularly and review the “Your Results” page to confirm you are
generally achieving the speeds you are paying for.

Freeware Software

Software Web Type Comments
1 AVG Free AntiVirus
2 Avast AntiVirus
3 AntiVir AntiVirus  
4 Acrobat Reader PDF Software  
5 Malwarebytes Malware Remover