May Eve Area Gathering in Kilmurry….

UPDATE – Click Here for Photos from the Evening Mass…


This Tuesday evening (30-04-13) we have the first of our Area Gatherings for this year.
It is on May Eve and on Pat Meehan’s farm.
The preparations are underway for the past few weeks.

Everything of significance to the local communities past and present will be documented. We have already signalled the beauty of the site where we can see down to Kerry, up to
Galway only God could create something so beautiful.
We will bless everyone including animals, land, food. We will allow the experience to connect us to nature, to supernature, toone another. We will have song, story, music, chat – food to eat and tea to drink.

For those who don’t know where the site is  Take the road across from the Pumphouse Pub, Kilmurry and it’s only a few 100 yards from there.