Meeting to discuss twinning Sixmilebridge/Kilmurry and Nort-sur-Erdre Wednesday 1st April 2015..


We are having a meeting to discuss the proposal for a town twinning between Sixmilebridge/Kilmurry and Nort-sur-Erdre .

DATE: Wednesday 1st April 2015
ill Bar in Sixmilebridge
TIME: 8.00pm

Nort-sur-Esrdre is a small town located in the Pays-de-la-Loire in western France, approximately 35 km north of the city of Nantes. Nort-sur-Erdre has a population of 7400.

The mayor of the town is Mr. Yves Dauvé. Nort-sur-Erdre is currently twinned with the town of Piedrabuena in central Spain and in August of this year, they will celebrate 10 years of twinning when a delegation from Piedrabuena will travel to Nort-sur-Erdre for the annual jazz festival.

A delegation of 6-8 people from Nort-sur-Erdre is planning on coming to Sixmilebridge in mid April to visit our village and environs. Among those travelling will be the mayor and local councillor Mr. Carlos McErlain who is a secondary school teacher. The delegation is interested in meeting local people who are keen on the idea of twinning our two communities. The proposal for twinning was initiated by Mr. McErlain who has family connections to Kilmurry.

The benefits of twinning are well recognised and Nort-sur-Erdre is ideally located to allow easy access between the two communities.   It is approximately 4 ½ hours drive from Cherbourg/Roscoff and seasonal flights operate between Shannon and Nantes.

Educational language exchanges would be of benefit to secondary school pupils and there are several cultural and sports clubs who could potentially benefit fron close links between Sixmilebridge and Nort-sur-Erdre .

Nort-sur-Erdre was part of Brittany before being separated in the 18th century. There still exists a strong Breton influence in the region and strong links existed between the area and Ireland based on our shared celtic origins. Similarities in the breton language and music to our own gaeilge and our traditional music strngthen the ties between our two communities.