Bishop visits Kilmurry to acknowledge Fr. Harry Bohan’s contribution to our community.

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Sunday, Sept. 17th will always be remembered as a very special day for our village.

Not alone this year did we have our Traditional Harvest Festival Mass but we also had a first visit from Bishop Fintan Monahan to our local Church.

Once word filtered through from Fr. Harry that Bishop Fintan was visiting a sense of excitement and anticipation took hold in the village.


When the organising committee decided to also make it a special day of appreciation for Fr. Harry from our community there was no shortage of people willing to participate and offered to help in any way.

Ideas were flowing in fast and furious and on Sunday last we experienced a day which our community will never forget. We hope Bishop Fintan and Fr. Harry enjoyed the day as much as everyone involved did.

There was a lot of effort and time condensed into a relatively short period and the Kilmurry Harvest Festival Committee is very thankful to an awful lot people.

In the arranging of the event special thanks must go those who prepared the Church so beautifully for the day, those who were involved in cleaning, washing and touching up the external parts of the Church, those involved in arranging the various parts of the ceremonies.

We would also like to thank those who participated in the event especially the children who took part on the day, the Church Choir and Musicians, who prepared some special hymns and music for the day and all those involved in the actual ceremony – Altar Servers, Eucharistic Ministers, Readers and Sacristans


Special thanks must also go to those who developed the Harvest theme around the Church including the displays of items representing the times gone past including the Threshing Machines, Horse & Trap, Pony and Car with milk tankards, Potato Picking equipment, The Turf Fire, Plentiful supply of vegetables, the list goes on.

There were two very special presentations made to Fr. Harry on the day and a special word of thanks and appreciation must go to those involved in putting these presentations together.

After Mass we were all treated to light refreshments, teas and cakes and we want to say a special thanks to the Parents Associations for preparing the food and for those who provided the marquees which were arranged so discretely on the day.

Bishop Fintan commented on how beautiful the village was looking with all the flowers and shrubs and bunting. We must extend a special thank you to the Tidy Towns for the ongoing manner in which they ensure our village is presented.

Finally, we want also to pay a special thank you to Fr. Harry’s family for visiting us on the day and help in making a special day for Fr. Harry to remember

Last Sunday morning people were assembling at the Church at 9.00 am for 10.00am Mass. Bishop Fintan arrived at 9.30 am and it was nearer to 1.00 pm before people started, reluctantly, making the journey home.


It seemed as if nobody wanted this morning to finish and the last people to leave were Bishop Fintan and Fr. Harry.

It was truly a remarkable morning and the Harvest Festival Committee want to thank most sincerely Bishop Fintan for his visit, for the interest he showed in our displays and for the time he so generously afforded us – Bishop Fintan – Thank You so much.

It was also of course a very special day for Fr. Harry and from all those who make up our community what it is we say Mile Mile Buiochas for everything you do for our community.