Are you interested in putting up your stall at the 2014 Harvest Festival.

The 2014 Harvest Festival promises to be the biggest ever.
As well as the regular events that have helped the festival grow year on year the Kilmurry Harvest Festival Committee are proud to announce that the IVETA All Ireland Vintage Rally for 2014 is to be part of the Kilmurry Harvest Festival 2014.



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Lughnasa Festival in Craggaunowen August Bank Holiday Sunday and Monday 2014

Lughnasa Festival

August Bank Holiday Sunday and Monday 2014 marks the Lughnasa festival at Craggaunowen. This is a unique opportunity for you to join with our costumed re-enactors in a special ‘Lughnasa’ celebration spanning the Bronze Age, through Iron Age, Early Medieval to 16th Century.

Lugh, God of Arts and Crafts in Celtic mythology dedicated the festival to his foster mother Tailtiu. Tailtiu, the last queen of the Fir Bolg, died of exhaustion after clearing a huge expanse of forest for the planting and cultivation of crops. At the end of the summer harvest, a festival of games and skills were held in honour of Tailtiu.

As well as several showcase events at specific times during the weekend, the Festival will have a multitude of ongoing displays at Craggaunowen visitor attraction, demonstrating various aspects of Ireland’s history and heritage, from different time periods with showcase events such as a Brehon Law Trial and a hand-to-hand combat demonstration.

Enjoy a unique glimpse of Celtic family life in a Crannóg from costume, demonstrating and discussing aspects of Bronze Age and Iron Age technology and lifestyle. You will see a range of replica Bronze Age clothing, artefacts, weapons and jewellery.

Witness Ireland’s Golden Age – the Early Christian period brought to life through activities based around the Ringfort where a range of aspects of life from 8th Century Ireland is demonstrated, including textile production, cooking, combat displays and Brehon law courts.

The Medieval period is re-created at 16th century Craggaunowen Castle.  You will enjoy demonstrations of 16th century costume production and also gain an insight into 15th & 16th century military life with a display of costumes, arms and armour. There will also be a display of replica jewellery from the period.

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