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Santa Claus is coming to town to switch on the tree lights.

Santa Claus Switching on Christmas Lights.

On Sunday December 06th Santa will visit Kilmurry for the switching on of the Christmas Tree lights.
Kilmurry will be transformed into a hive of activity as locals gear up for the lighting of the Christmas tree.

Christmas carols and songs will be performed to welcome Santa in his sleigh to the village..

Festivities starting at 6.30pm….



Great Bake Off Kilmurry Style at the Field Day on Sunday 9th August 2015

2015 Baking poster

A big thanks to John and the team at Centra Sixmilebridge for sponsoring this event…

Centra Sixmilebridge
The Square, Sixmilebridge, Co Clare

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Mon – Fri 7:30 – 22:00
Sat 8:00 – 21:30
Sun 8:00 – 21:00

061 369176



Kilmurry Area Gathering is Re-Telling the Celtic Story

What Story ?

The Celtic Story
The Story of a people and a place,
The Meaning to Life Story,
The Living Past Story,
The Christian Story,
The May Eve Story,
The Land + Animals Story.

More and more young people are interested in the stories
their parents and especially their Grandparents tell them
of their times growing up.
Why is it important? Because connecting with a people
and a time from the past can help us to live and value the
present and shape our future.
There are valuable lessons for us from times when
Self/Community Reliance, Neighbours, Healthy Home
Produced Food and Manual Work; Family, Faith were
important concepts – a time when Celtic Spirituality
integrated the real life of people.
We are living in a very different Ireland now. Education,
Travel, Television, Technology, Prosperity have
brought great changes – a lot of them positive.
There is a greater emphasis on personal freedom and a
more tolerant approach to life.
But there is a downside too – a loss of ordinary decency,
a greed for money and prosperity,
the decline of community and neighbourliness,
a loss of respect for the wisdom of old.
The challenge now is: to place our lives in the context of
values that apply to people in every age.
Our May Eve Gathering is a bit about responding to that

May Eve – Area Gathering
Thursday April 30th 7.30 p.m.
O’Reilly’s Land,
Ballymulcashel, Kilmurry,

May Eve Set for Kilmurry 2015 Area Gathering

gathering_massThe 2015 Kilmurry Area Gathering will take place on Thursday April 30th @ 7.30 p.m.

The Venue: is Reilly’s Land, Ballymulcashel, Kilmurry

The Theme for the  Kilmurry Area Gathering is Connecting to our Celtic Past.


May 1st is one of four great Feasts around which the Celtic Year revolved. It’s the beginning of Summer. It’s the time when cattle return to grass. Animals and land will be Blest at the gathering.gathering_tradition_2

A special Mass will be celebrated, one with deep connections and prayers to the reality of life all around us.

Our local traditions will be recalled.

We will have music, song, story, and of course the tea and the chat.


The evening will be an occasion to connect us to nature. The view from the venue is magnificent – looking over to East Clare, Broadford, Cratloe Hills and as far as Shannon Airport.

It’s only when we gather in a place like this we appreciate the beauty of our Environment.It is also an occasion to connect us to one another and the different areas of our community.

Everyone is invited. It will be a special experience.