Defibrillator Training in Kilmurry Hall, Thursday Night 27th Feb…

We running another cpr & defibrillator training Thursday 27th February 2014 in the hall in kilmurry at 8pm.

It’s a free course funded by the Sixmilebridge Defibrillator Trust Fund.
Members have been trained to date in Sixmilebridge and Kilmurry for the purpose of been part of the community cardiac first responder group which will be on 24 hour call all year round for Cardiac related emergencies.

Persons will be trained in the use of Defibrillators and how to perform CPR on Infants/Children & Adults.

Anyone wishing to become part of the response group can attend the training night.

Each trained member of the unit will be on call for a 24 hr period at least once every month.
A roster will be drawn up for members and if a 24 hour period doesn’t suit you, then swapping will be facilitated.

Any people that would like to know more on the CFR unit can contact me on the number given below.

Martin Conlon