Kilmurry School Fact File (from 1843)

Kilmurry School Fact File

1843 “Hedge” School run by Patrick Slattery in the porch of the Church.

1854 First school established formally in the Church on January 23rd.

1860 “Old” School built adjacent to present school by Paddy “Irishman”










1891 New school built by the Hardgrove brothers who stayed at Nora Culleeney
1903 School damaged by a storm.







1954 Repairs carried out on the School. Pupils and teachers moved to the
church for three months.

1966 President de Valera visited the school.

1978 Old latrines removed — flush toilets installed.

1979 Old school demolished.

1980 Extra land purchased — yard expanded and grass area put in.

1981 Wall built — area wired in by voluntary labour — filling
from Roadstone.

1984 Shelter built.

1985 Heating and lighting and tiling of toilets at approx. cost of £5,500 (over
£5,000 collected locally).

1985 School flooded.

1987 Swimming classes began.

1987 Telephone installed.

1988 Basketball stands made by Tommy O’Callaghan.

1989 Uniforms introduced. — Will apply to all classes in 1992.

2007 (Feb 2nd) School extension was officially opened by Ms. Mary Hanafin and blessed by V. Rev. Harry Bohan.